About us

06Here at CharentAles we are committed to bringing the best quality premium ales to our consumers. To do this we have installed both; a state of the art brew-house complete with duel function fermenters/chillers; and a brand new quality control and R&D facility so that we can be confident that every glass of CharentAles poured will have our distinctive signature taste.

In addition, to further ensure that our beers capture the real magic of ale drinking we comply with the ‘Reinheitsgebot’ – Cold Gold and Best Bitter resizedGerman beer laws which are thought to date back to the 1400s, and ensure that only Hops, Malt, and Water can be used in the production of beers.

Customer service is also something we pride ourselves on. Not only do we offer all of the regular services of a brewery – delivery and collection of barrels and provision of sales related merchandise such as pump labels, etc.; but we also provide customised services.

These can range from:
• Having your own recipe brewed at our facility, to;
• Remarketing our existing products to suit your individual needs.

We operate predominantly in the Charente and Deux-Sèvres departments, in both English and French. Please, if you have any interest or questions do not hesitate to contacts us on: